About Me

I have always been a creator and a maker, even as a young girl. It is ingrained in my soul and an integral part of who I am. I thought the doll clothes I made using scraps of fabric were cooler than anything in the stores. As I got older, I found I had a passion for graphic design and have been designing since 2001. I've designed websites, logos, brochures, wedding invitations, stationery, promotional giveaways, shirts, gifts .. just about anything you can imagine. 

It would be my greatest pleasure to help you brand your small business dreams.  I love creating and designing, and feel a tremendous sense of pride seeing my designs come to life.  It gives me a special joyful feeling to know that I've created something others love enough to use for their company or a special event, wear themselves, or gift to their family and friends.

Most recently I have felt a passion and a draw for helping others brand their business hopes and dreams, and find a way to express themselves.  Offering premade logos and branding essentials is a great way to get a professionally designed logo that's a bit easier on the budget.

All the best,